Lemon Drops by Candy King Review

Lemon Drops by Candy King is a lip-puckering fusion of sweet and sour lemon candy. On the inhale, you’ll taste zesty sour lemon candy flavor, followed by crisp and icy menthol on the exhale.

This deliciously true-to-life vape juice is crafted for outstanding performance and flavor production from any sub-ohm vape device. It’s available in 100mL bottles with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine strength.

Lemon Drops E-Juice by Candy King

If you’re looking for a lip-puckering fusion of candy flavors, look no further than the Lemon Drops E-Juice by Candy King Lemon Drops. This incredibly tangy and deliciously sweet e-liquid combines a sour lemon candy with a sugar coating that will have your taste buds begging for more!

Introducing the latest in a long line of scrumptious candy-inspired vape juices by Candy King. Their illustrious collection of sensational creations is adored by all types of vapers.

For the hard-core sweet and sour e-juice fanatics, this heavenly blend offers a tango of citrus and menthol to create an invigorating puff that you will not want to miss out on! On the inhale, you’ll enjoy a rich lemon flavor that’s a perfect match for a menthol finish.

A mouth puckering sweet and sour lemon candy flavor.

You’ll also feel the soothing power of menthol in every pull of this savory e-juice! The smooth throat hit and lovely clouds will make this a favorite for any MTL vape tank.

The sour citrus of lemon drops candies have been enjoyed since the early days, and this e-liquid captures that classic flavor perfectly. With a 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol base, you’ll be able to enjoy large and thick vapor clouds from this scrumptious lemon candy flavor.

If you haven’t tried any of these scrumptious candy-flavored e-liquids before, now is the time to do so! The Lemon Drops E-Juice by the wildly popular Candy King is one of the most sought after sweets flavored ejuices in the entire industry, and it’s sure to satisfy even the most avid candy lover.

This scrumptious lemon candy e-liquid comes in 100mL bottles with nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Featuring a unique lemon candy flavor that’s a perfect balance of tart and sweet, the Lemon Drops E-Juice will have you sucking like you’re on your way to the movies!

Inhale this lemon infused e-juice and you’ll be instantly transported into a luscious world of hard lemon candies that have been tossed into a citrus crusher. These fresh lemons were squeezed until they ruptured and turned into a sweet and sour pulp that gives every puff an intensely satisfying jolt of flavor.

Known for their ability to create the most realistic and pleasant candy-inspired e-liquids, the Candy King has won a substantial number of awards across the globe, and they have continued to be the go-to brand among many vapers. Their e-liquids are available in a variety of styles, including chubby unicorn bottles and a range of nicotine strength options.

For all those who love a hard candy with a sour and sweet zing, this scrumptious lemon-flavored e-liquid will make you smile from ear to ear. The sour lemon candy flavor on the inhale will ignite your wild side, while the sugary candy coating combines with the sour to give you a fusion of tanginess and sweetness that will keep your taste buds smiling all day long.